Nov 10, 2017 06 00 PM EST

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Scientism Exposed 2 - Worldwide Documentary Film Premiere @ FEIC17

"Scientism Exposed 2" is the anticipated follow-up documentary film uncovering the spiritual agenda and deception with much of Mainstream Science.

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Scientism Exposed 2 - Worldwide Documentary Film Premiere @ FEIC17

Celebrate Truth Presents...  A Flat Out Truth Production.
Scientism Exposed 2 - A Robbie Davidson Film.

Featuring: Aaron Judkins, Dean Odle, Emmanuel Lakonga, Jared Chrestman, Joe Taylor, John Gabrielson, Rick Hummer, Rob Skiba, Zen Garcia.

"Scientism Exposed 2" is the anticipated follow-up documentary film uncovering the spiritual agenda and deception with the scientific worldview that many teach today as proven truth and fact. 

Worldwide Documentary Film Premiere @ FEIC17 Nov 10th, 2017. 
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|BACKSTORY|The story of how these film documentaries came about is because so many people believe that what mainstream science is teaching them is fact, there is no debate and the science is settled but is it really? Canadian director Robbie Davidson felt that questioning and exposing mainstream science was important because when he started to investigate evolution, cosmology, and other areas of mainstream science he noticed that what science was teaching as the truth couldn’t be backed up using the scientific method. Robbie wanted to get people doing their own research by providing as many details on these subjects and the spiritual agenda behind it all. What he discovered was that most of what science teaches when it comes to origins, and our world has very dark connections to the occult and is more of a religion masquerading as the truth. It’s time for scientism to be exposed in a way that has never been done before. Get ready for the next installment of the groundbreaking series. 

|THE DIRECTOR| Robbie Davidson is the founder of Celebrate Truth & Flat Out Truth Productions which has produced groundbreaking documentary films such as The Global Lie & Scientism Exposed (2016) reaching millions of people across the world. With a passion for media & filmmaking, his desire is to help expose the world's lies while pointing people to the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). After becoming a Christian at the age of 21 he attended Northwest Baptist College and has been involved in various faith-based media organizations. Robbie lives in Edmonton, Alberta. Canada and is married to Rachel and has two daughters, Kiara and Sophia.

Celebrate Truth Presents -  A Flat Out Truth Production  - "Scientism Exposed 2"

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Approximately 120 minutes.
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